The Murchison GeoRegion


The Murchison GeoRegion was launched on the 18 th of September, 2020. It is the first Geotourism development within Australia, and represents the culmination of several years of work.

This key geological region includes significant abiotic, biotic and cultural features which visitors can visit to develop a deeper understanding of, and connection with, the land.
From the Murchison Georegion official guide; “The massive geological forces of colliding continents, long-gone oceans and destructive meteorites are writ large upon the land for us to find. Here we can learn about Jack Hills and the oldest terrestrial material ever found, or marvel at any number of spectacular rock formations including Walga Rock, Mount Yagahong and London Bridge.

For the nature lovers, discover unique native flora and fauna across Western Australia’s mulga region. Spot an array of birdlife at Wooleen Lake or Bilung Pool, track emus, kangaroos and reptiles, and be treated to the dazzling annual display of wildflowers most years, from July to September right across the Murchison.

And for that human touch, connect with stories and legends that map thousands of years of human history. Being auriferous (or gold bearing), all of the towns in the Murchison were founded on gold and WA’s longest continuous gold mining centre, Mount Magnet, is here in the Murchison. You can also learn about the world’s oldest continuous underground mining operation at Wilgie Mia, see WA’s only remaining gold battery in action at Paynes Find, or the remains of a fine brewery in Sandstone.”

Check out the free Muchison Georegion app available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store!