What is a Geotrail?

A Geotrail is a guided or self guided trail of multiple (geo) sites that interprets geology and landscapes. A geosite is a single location that offers tourism experiences through geology and landscape interpretation.

Once established, geotrails can be a steppingstone to creating a geopark. A geotrail is made up of multiple sites that have landscape and heritage significance that would be of interest to tourists and add to the visitor experience. They should incorporate and package the geodiversity, biodiversity and cultural components (including mining heritage) of the region through which the geotrail traverses. Geotrails are therefore best constructed around routes currently used by tourists and they should form logical journeys linking accommodation destinations. Geotrails can comprise roads, walking and biking trails, mine museums, lakes, and disused railway easements. They are relatively easy to establish and represent a very cost effective means of enhancing regional marketing and development.


For more information, please visit the following websites:

Australian Geoscience Council

Geological Society of Australia

Geological Surveys Western Australia

Photo Credit: Tourism Western Australia